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Perseverance by @krtvdept

A Journeys first step isn’t always forward


Digital art and its identity has been evolving since the early days of AOL to DeviantArt.  Each early iteration of new internet technology is seen as the wild west, until users define how this discovery is best used and nourished.  Solana has been breaking out of that discovery phase with thousands of artists, developers and users trying to write a piece of their identity On-Chain pushing the space forward.  So why is this new landscape worth perusing as an artist, and what worth does this blog provide as a new favorite to your browser of choice?

Our goal with is to bring transparency to those adopting the blockchain into their daily lives, connect individuals building artist geared spaces and provide resources to those taking a leap of faith towards Solana.

Twitter/X moves at the speed of light and it’s hard to know who’s genuinely looking to help vs. who’s trying to build a following while taking your money.  During bull and bear cycles social media has proven to be rough terrain. Navigating Terms of Service, Navigating scams, spams and pumps and dump. This matters to us because we are looking at those wishing to expand their voice by spreading art and truths across mediums in the space. 


Well, this is easier… and sometimes the best step is the first one taken. our mission is simple… create an easy to navigate space with articles that are driven towards artists, collectors, and users on Solana.   

Web3 is still breaking the chains of a web2 world. NFT Inscriptions, Chat groups by wallets are being worked out, tokens for every single thing are being created, AI anything and constant misinformation based on who is reporting what. So although this blog is focused purely on Solana it is not inscribed on the chain to increase discoverability using the power of web2. Once discoverability doesn’t rely on social media cross-posting, SEO and the blockchain is easier to read we can take step to redirect and encourage others to take decentralized steps and inscribe on-chain.

Web2 is centralized and your full identity can be removed, monetization can be turned off and you start over. Web3 offers stability but also accountability with words written in stone on chain.

The future is Decentralized.


If you are a photographer, painter, or a digital artist Solana provides the unique opportunity to assign a digital asset to your physical work of art.  Lots of blockchains utilize a “Proof of X” smart contract that allows users to “mint” and obtain ownership over a digital asset. That asset can be various things and what makes Solana unique is the speed and affordable cost to create.  On-Chain marketplaces have been built by visionaries to bring digital artwork to artists, enthusiasts and collectors all looking for things that they deem valuable in their own way.

One of One identifies the uniqueness of each piece of asset, by each individual creator no matter how you make it.  Join the journey as we look to highlight artists, create content towards discoverability, and support the ecosystem by brain dumping words that we hope are easy to read focused completely on our topic of choice, Solana.

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